Signed Screens/Screens 5.1 DVD/Septennial CD

Signed Screens/Screens 5.1 DVD/Septennial CD

Signed Screens Advance CD - Get a signed copy of Screens nearly 2 months prior to release!

Screens 5.1/Hi-Res Stereo DVD - SOLD OUT! Listen to Screens in the highest stereo fidelity possible, or with a very meaty 5.1 surround mix. 

Septennial: Return to Rosfest CD - (12 left) This CD features 8 of 9 tracks from Screens played live at RoSfest 2018, as well as some other D97 favorites. Also of note is the exclusive track The Unreality Star, which was subsequently rewritten for inclusion on Screens as Trigger. 

From now through 8/30 (or until supplies run out), you can choose one of the above as a free bonus when you join the INSIDE THE VAULT CLUB on a yearly plan at any level! Just send an email to and let us know which you want.

Screens signed CD & 5.1/Hi-Res Stereo DVD Tracklist

1. Forest Fire
2. Sheep
3. Sea I Provide
4. Bread & Yarn
5. Trigger
6. After Orbit Mission
7. Shapeshifter
8. Blueprint
9. Ghost Girl

Septennial: Return to Rosfest CD Tracklist

1. Forest Fire
2. Snow Country
3. Blueprint
4. The Actual Color
5. Sea I Provide
6. Sheep
7. Ghost Girl
8. Bread & Yarn
9. The Unreality Star
10. Who Cares?
11. After Orbit Mission
12. Shapeshifter
13. Termites