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Believe it or not, Fall 2016 marked the 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the formation of District 97! In that time, we’ve released 3 studio albums, a live album with John Wetton, a 2-CD live set for Kickstarter backers, and a series of downloads. But, there’s actually a whole lot more that we’ve done: over this period, we’ve amassed a trove of rehearsal recordings, live performances, home demos, rough mixes, unreleased songs, pro-shot video footage, and much more. We think our fans would enjoy a lot of this material, and that’s why we are now inviting you INSIDE THE VAULT. Here’s how it works:

Vault Insiders (Basic Membership): For $4.99 a month (or $54.99 for a yearly subscription, a $5 savings), you’ll receive a monthly unreleased audio and/or video download (accompanied by an informative description) from the District 97 archives.

Vault Master Keyholders (Premium Membership-limited to 500 spots): For $7.99 a month (or $87.99 for an annual subscription, an $8 savings), you’ll receive a monthly unreleased audio and/or video download (accompanied by an informative description) from the District 97 archives. Additionally, you’ll get an exclusive CD or DVD release each year, and 15% off any item in our online store as long as membership is valid. The first exclusive physical release is the Live At De Boerderij DVD (view contents and trailer HERE), signed by the band and strictly limited to 200 copies. Shipping is included in the subscription fee. Please note that in order to receive the DVD upon joining, you must sign up on the yearly plan. Those on the monthly plan will receive it after one-year of membership has elapsed.

Below, you'll find a preview of "To Catch A Predator", the first-ever District 97 song and the first entry in the series, as well as "Snow Country" from the Live At De Boerderij DVD.


Q: When and how will I receive the downloads?
A: Downloads will be emailed to you on the 15th of every month with a download link via Google Drive. Applicable video content will also be available for streaming via an unlisted YouTube link. We will send these emails to whatever email address is tied to your Paypal account. If you prefer a different email, please indicate that by emailing us at

Q: What will the sound quality be of the downloads?
A: The downloads will come from a variety of sources, so the sound quality will range from demo-quality to studio-quality, but will mostly err towards high-level audio. We will not release anything where we feel the sound/video quality is not high enough to allow for proper enjoyment of the music (although we may occasionally include additional “bonus downloads” of lower-quality audio/video).

Q: How much content will I receive each month?
A: Generally, you will receive one song (about 5-10 minutes in length) each month. However, there may be some months that feature substantially more content (ie extended behind the scenes footage or longer tracks such as Mindscan etc.).

Q: Will I have access to all of the IVC exclusive tracks regardless of when I join?
A: Yes! Everyone now receives the same track each month, but "back issues" can be purchased for $5 each at any time.

Q: If I’m a Premium Member, when will I receive the Live at De Boerderij DVD?
A: If you subscribe on a monthly basis, you will receive the DVD after the completion of one-year’s membership. If you subscribe annually, you will be sent the DVD ASAP. A maximum of 200 copies will be pressed, so sign up quickly to reserve one.

Q: If I’m a Premium Member, how do I apply my 15% discount at your Online Store?
A: Simply order as per usual, but indicate in the comments that you are a Vault Master Keyholder. We will then issue you a 15% refund (generally within 24 hours).

Q: Will blu-rays of video releases be available?
A: We will most likely have to stick to DVDs due to the small, limited runs we will be pressing, but HD downloads will be provided at no additional cost whenever possible.

Q: Will you be releasing new music through the club?
A: We will continue making new CDs as we have in the past, and those will not be part of the Vault series. However, it’s very likely we will offer the first glimpses of brand new music (through demos, live versions, etc.) to our club members!

Q: Can I pay without Paypal?
A: Paypal is the most secure way to pay and the most convenient on our end, but if you're not able to use it, please email us at to discuss alternate payment options. Additional fees may apply.

Q: What else should I know about the club?
A: Along with buying our albums and seeing us live, joining the INSIDE THE VAULT CLUB will be the very best way you can support District 97 and allow us to continue recording, touring and making new music!