Pre-order In Vaults!

In Vaults can be pre-ordered at! We'll also be selling direct from this website (including signed copies) closer to release date once the Kickstarter rewards have been fulfilled.

Album Trailer for In Vaults

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll be hearing on In Vaults, out June 23rd!


Last Chance to Back our New Album, IN VAULTS! Now Through April 1st.

Our new album IN VAULTS is in the mixing phase, but it's not too late to be a part of it! Although we exceeded our Kickstarter funding goal, the costs have piled up and we could definitely put any additional funds to good use.

New Book With with an Exclusive Interview with Leslie, Jonathan and Jim

Check out Prog Rock FAQ, a new book by Will Romano with tons of Prog insight, and a chapter called "District 97 Q&A: Gender Politics and Prog" devoted to an interview with Leslie, Jonathan and Jim. You might say they've "thrown the book at us." (*ducks*)

Pick up Prog Rock FAQ at