Paiste Cymbal Artist Jonathan Video

Jonathan, a Paiste Cymbals artist, shows off some of his wares at the Memphis Drum Shop by playing along to some D97 cuts.

Trip to Memphis

Jonathan, Patrick and Ed Clift from Paiste Cymbals took a trip down to Memphis on Dec. 7th, 2010 and spent the day with legendary drummer Bill Bruford! We had an amazing time. Here are some pics, with video on the way!


Super Fans

Apparently we have an absolutely HUGE fan. Post a video on Youtube of one our songs if you think you can do better!

Leslie talks about Bandcamp and CalProg Experience

Leslie talks more about the download/promo on Bandcamp and reminisces a bit about our CalProg experience.

Classic Rock Presents Prog

Check out our article in the latest edition (Dream Theater issue) of Classic Rock Presents Prog!