Leslie's Bonnie Raitt

Check out Leslie strutting her stuff on some Bonnie Raitt!

Trouble With Machines

Our new CD "Trouble With Machines" is in the mixing stages, and Mr. John Wetton seems pretty excited about it! Here's what he had to say on his website about his contribution to it: Fans of this ' ere website, Chicago's District 97, and prog music in general will be delighted to hear D97's new album is at mixing stage---I just received a first mix from Jonathan this morning. My tenor is a foil to Leslie's innocent in TPYM, a prog/opera extravaganza. I turn out to be an utter cad---far from the perfect young man (the Brit cast as villain again?), I am ghastly.

D97 concert with HD Video and Audio

You say you want a a whole D97 concert with HD Video and Audio? Well, by golly, here ya go! Happy Holidays from all of us in D97, here's our gift to you for all your support.

We are answering YOUR quesitons

Awhile back, we asked fans for questions on our Facebook page, and we finally got a chance to answer them last Thursday night at our Louisville hotel. We had a pretty good time :-)

Behind the Scene Footage

Here's some behind the scene footage of us tracking guitar/goofing around in the studio. Check out/subscribe to our Youtube page for more